Friday, April 20, 2012

Power Supply 0 - 30V

Power supply built on veroboard using a LM350 regulator.

Veroboard layout drawn in veecad, colourised  with


Schematic drawn in Tinycad.

JP            30v AC input
D1-D4     1N5408 (Bridge rectifier)
D5,D6      1N4148
D7,D8      1N5408
JLED        Connector for power on light (LED).
JVR          5K. Connector for variable resistor pot.
C1            3,300uF
C2,C3      10uF
R1            4K
R2            100
JA             Connector for AMP Meter
JO             Connector for  Vout
JV             Connector for VOLT Meter

Inside the box

Front View

  • Take careful note of the pins outs of the LM317/350 regulator. Don't confuse them with the pinouts of the 78XX regulators. Check the LM317/350 data sheets.
  • Use a heat sink on the regulator. 
  • Also use a 24V or 12v-12v transformer. The 30V transformer is RMS, 42V P2P,  and exceeds the input limit to the LM350 (40v)

Copy of veecad and tinycad files, click below.
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